Technololgy Solutions

Making Technology Solutions easy to procure
and cost effective for your Business.

Technology Solutions

Want to simplify the purchasing of Technology Solutions?

You can purchase your own Technology Solutions and IT equipment, but it’s not easy. Make one wrong selection on a complex order form, and suddenly you have a PC with known disk drive failure issues, or a cloud solution that costs more than you wanted.

We manage your IT procurement.

We look beyond the initial purchase to support and integration requirements. We’ll make sure your new equipment integrates with the old and fits into your business workflows and existing applications. We have strong relationships with Lenovo, Webroot, Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, Netgear, Barracuda and telecommunications providers. Take advantage of our stellar pricing and support.

Technology Solutions Discover

What do you need? How does this fit into your overall business objectives? What are the financial considerations? We’ll find the best choices and make a recommendation.

Technology Solutions Implement

We will order the equipment, chase down the delivery, and be on site to unwrap the boxes and install the equipment.

Technology Solutions Manage

We will inventory and track the equipment, and make sure you have all the information needed for vendor support. We will keep your systems under warranty.

Our Partners

Stop wasting time and money on technology.

Start getting the support you need. Let us handle IT for you.

We Understand How Information & Technology Impact Business

Technology is one of the most critical aspects of business operations, as well as one of the least understood. Information is of equal importance – but often gets neglected when it comes to security and resources.

That’s why you need a trusted partner like SPARTA Technologies to maintain and manage your Information Technology.

We defend your networks, we protect your data, and we handle tech-related headaches so you can focus on more important issues…like growing your business.

Our Mission

SPARTA Technologies is Veteran owned and provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing regular ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups – everything necessary to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable IT environment.